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Shall we talk about Pizza???

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Cauliflower pizza crust from our friends at Luna&Fennel topped with MozzaRisella is a match made in vegan heaven! Add the lively tomato sauce from Seggiano, made with premium Sicilian tomatoes and some slices of Sgaia vegan Späck 120g and your taste buds will be forever grateful.

Fancy some ‘cheese’ and biscuits to finish off your dinner? In all our Discovery Boxes you’ll find Mozzarisella Firm. A hard cheese substitute 100% dairy free ideal to enjoy with grapes, dry fruit, chutney and a glass of sweet wine. Luscious.

Those were just a couple of the healthy combinations  you can create within our boxes. If you feel creative, please send us your recipes and ideas, share them with us and we will reward you with a voucher to spend at the Vegan Wholesaler Website.


Box Content

2 x Mozzarisella Classic G 200

1 x Mozzarisella Smoked G 200

1 x Mozzarisella Spreadable Blue G 150

1 x Mozzarisella Caciorisella G 150

2 x Mozzarisella Slices Cheddar G 80

2 x Mozzarisella Slices Basil G 80

1 x Mozzarisella Pesto g 135

1 x Sgaia Charcuterie •Späck 120g

1 x Seggiano Tomato Passata • Premium Sicilian 500g

2 x Luna & Fennel Pizza Cauliflower Crust Pizza Base





All products Mozzarisellla are free from all 14 main allergens

Ingredients: preparation based on Bio SuRice® * 46% (water, sprouted brown rice * 20.8%, salt, apple vinegar), water, cold-pressed coconut oil, sunflower oil with oregano infusion, lemon juice. Thickeners: agar-agar, gum arabic, xanthan gum, carob seed flour

Pesto contain Pine Nuts, Cashew Nuts

Sgaia Mheat Contain Gluten

Luna & Fennel Contain Almond


Shelf Life

All our alternative to cheese has at least 45 days shelf life

Our Yo-Ger has at least 20 days shelf life

Our Pesto has 12 months shelf life

Our Fresh Pasta has at least 45 days shelf life

Sgaia Mehat has at least 60 days shelf life

Luna & Fennel has 7 days shelf life


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