MozzaRisella Discovery Box Dinner Ideas


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Lunch and dinner sorted with this box. 100% PLANT-BASED.

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Running out of ideas for lunch or dinner today? Don’t fret. Our Mozzarisella filled Ravioli are perfect with our Honest Basil Pesto or just with some vegan margarine and a sprinkle of fresh (or dry) sage on top.

If you fancy a burger, our friends at Sgaia Mheat don’t make fake meats: they are real, just vegan. Try their amazing seitan burger, melt a MozzaRisella cheddar slice on top, lettuce, tomato, onion and the magic will happen.
Also their vegan Streaky Rashers is the best topping for your pizza and it goes perfectly with Mozzarisella classic.

A little trivia for you. Did you know that MozzaRisella and Sgaia are from the same region in Italy?

Box Content

2 x Mozzarisella Classic G 200

1 x Mozzarisella Pesto g 135

2 x Ravioli Verys Spreadable Classic & Mushrooms g 250

1 x Sgaia Mheat • Fragrante Burgers 220g

1 x Seggiano Tomato Passata • Premium Sicilian 500g


All products Mozzarisellla are free from all 14 main allergens

Ingredients: preparation based on Bio SuRice® * 46% (water, sprouted brown rice * 20.8%, salt, apple vinegar), water, cold-pressed coconut oil, sunflower oil with oregano infusion, lemon juice. Thickeners: agar-agar, gum arabic, xanthan gum, carob seed flour

Fresh pasta contain Gluten and derivates from Garlic

Pesto contain Pine Nuts, Cashew Nuts

Sgaia Mheat Contain Gluten


Shelf Life

All our alternative to cheese has at least 45 days shelf life

Our Yo-Ger has at least 20 days shelf life

Our Pesto has 12 months shelf life

Our Fresh Pasta has at least 45 days shelf life

Sgaia Mehat has at least 60 days shelf life

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